Intelligent Telematic Solutions

Digital Data & Device (GPS / RFID / BIOMETRICS / IR / SENSORS) integration in ID Management Applications

APIs as well as Integrated Web Applications

Customized solutions as per Customer requirements

Mobile First & Real Time

Platform with access to authentic information & for instant verifications.

Artificial Intelligence powered Analytics

Machine Learning powered Deep intelligence to help customers make Trust - decisions with Confidence

Industry Specific Solutions

Solutions available for Automobile, Animal Husbandry, Finance, HR, etc…

Nationwide Presence

Available across Length & Breadth of Country


Rampsure assure it's customers of the quality of products that they order for. Rampsure tailor it's product catalog and related portfolio to fit the needs and budgets of all it's Clients, whether they are Individuals, SMEs or Corporations. Whatever Customer's commercial interests may be - Rampsure's skills, experience and practices helps them deliver - the right product at the best market prices.
Rampsure boast of innovative engineering and technical expertise and pledge to cut all thought and design barriers to give it's Customers the widest range of standard as well as customized products.

VEHICLE - Id Management Solution (V-ims)

  • Automotive Industry Standard ( AIS)certified GPS devices for Commercial Vehicles
  • GPS based Fleet Management Solutions
  • Mobile & Web based Application for customers ( Individual / Corporate)
  • PAN India Service Network

LIVESTOCK Id Management Solution (L-ims)

  • RFID Tagging of Insured domestic livestock for identification sake.
  • RFID Passive Tags electronically store unique Id number of livestock (Tag inserted inside cattle body), which when exposed to a nearby RFID reader’s (Scanner) – collects energy from interrogating radio waves & helps Scanner read & identify stored information.
  • Team of Certified & Experienced Taggers across India
  • Mobile First Livestock onboarding by Taggers
  • Dashboard with Analytics for Customers

CUSTOMER - Id Management Solution (C-ims)

  • Digitally authenticate Identity of any entity type across India in a fraction of time and Cost….
  • Coverage for Individuals, Companies, LLPs, Partnership Firms, Proprietary Concerns, HUFs, Trusts and Societies
  • PAN, Aadhaar, VoterID, Driving License, Udyog Aadhaar, TAN, GSTIN (Authentication, Detailed, Invoice Level), CIN/LLPIN, Professional Memberships, Shop & Establishment Licenses etc.
  • Platform for instant verifications & access to authentic information

EMPLOYEE- Id Management Solution (E-ims)

  • Digitally authenticate Employment / Income of Individuals and businesses across India in a fraction of time and Cost
  • Authentication of Income of Individuals via: Employment Provident Fund (EPF) Records, Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Form 16 and ITR-V
  • Authentication of Income of Companies / LLPs via Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • Extraction of Returns filed with GST ( Invoice Level )
  • Platform for instant verifications & access to authentic information

FARM - Id Management Solution (F-ims)

  • Physical Co-Witnessing of CCE Survey & Farmer Loss Assessment in Mandated Districts
  • GPS Tagged & Time Stamped Visual Proofs
  • App based Data Collection, Collation, QC & Submission as Mandated
  • Agri Educated & Experienced Surveyors & Relationship Managers
  • Drone- Calamity Survey & Satellite Remote Imaging

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Corporate Customers


  • Vision: Better wellbeing of our customers, with healthy Assets.
  • Mission: Helping Customers maintain healthy bottom line, vide diligent - Id Management & Asset Onboarding.
  • Approach: Mobile First & Real Time.
  • Reach: Nationwide presence


Rampsure is a leading Product-Technology company in the ID-Tech space enabling Customers to Id, Onboard & Track their Assets for real-time decisioning, analysis and rating.
Our dedicated and highly experienced team of Field Officers, Engineers & Analysts constantly strives to build newer and state-of-the-art applications & devices for unmatched competence in the market. Ethical business practices and conformance to various International quality standards.
Part of Group of Companies - focusing on "Rural Banking Outreach (Corporate BC)", "Assisted Agri-eCommerce", "NRLM Partnership"…..


ASSET Identity, Diligence & Onboarding Services : Backed with immense experience in niche field of Digital Identification systems, we provide Industry Specific Solutions, SDKs and Analytics to drive disruptive transformation in Asset Diligence , by offering our esteemed clients cost-effective GPS / RFID / Drone-Satellite Remote Sensing / API based Identity, Diligence & Onboarding services. Comprehensive “Corporate - Intelligence – Gathering” & “Asset – Onboarding” services with aim of :-

  • Simplified - Digital KYC & Diligence of Consumers/ Employees
  • Quick - Customer/ Employee/ Asset Onboarding


Empowers Customers with deep intelligence to make customers trust -decisions with confidence:-

  • Optimise Onboarding & Verification: Speed with Safety, Better First-time-rate
  • Reduce fraud: Employ Artificial Intelligence as Preventive Diligence Tool
  • Meet compliance mandates: Enforce Rigorous Reporting On Regulated Entities


Praveen SrivastavaPresident

Management Graduate, with 25+ years expertise in Business Development & Product Management, specializing in channel management, especially in upcountry markets.

Deepak SharmaSnr V.P. ( Operations )

CA & IIM-A Graduate, with 30+ years experience in the Financial Sector with strong domain expertise in establishing new business lines such as Leasing and Hire Purchase, Individual Credit Ratings, Credit Information Sharing Platform and IT driven Business Management Processes.

Ashish SrivastavaSnr V.P. ( Business )

Management Graduate , with 15+ years experience in business strategy & channel infrastructure development & management, specifically in upcountry markets. Has rich industry experience of Insurance, Skills , Hyper-Local-Market & Digital Marketing.

Ravi AdhikariSnr V.P. ( Technology )

IT Graduate , with 10+ years experience in building Enterprise Business Solutions & related Ancillary Solutions, across multiple Business Lines.

Dr. Saket SrivastavaAdvisor

Snr. Lecturer & Co-founder - Communication, Network and Embedded Systems (CNES) group, University of Lincoln, UK. Building cutting edge Smart Solutions for Agricultural, Environmental, Biomedical and Security Applications